ANWE Ltd Promotes & develops working Equitation throughout Australia. ANWE Ltd was formed to promote Working Equitation in Australia, under the guidance of the World Association of Working Equitation (WAWE). 

ANWE Ltd is the only group to sign a protocol with WAWE.

It is the mission of Australian National Working Equitation Ltd to promote and develop the discipline throughout Australia; upholding the ideals and philosophies of classical dressage and traditional horsemanship whilst incorporating the heritage of Australian bush culture and station horses. 

AWNE Ltd offers a nurturing, caring environment for riders, regardless of choice of breed of horse. 

Australian National Working Equitation places an emphasis on harmony between horse and rider and the quality of training and riding. Australian National Working Equitation Ltd demands humane, correct and progressive training and conditioning of the horse resulting in physical and mental soundness, while also staying true to the sport. 


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