Working Equitation is comprised of four phases

The Four Phases
Working Dressage

Working Dressage phase is to train  the horse for the obstacles encountered in the day to day work on the farm. Develop and advance  the training, and maintain the regularity and correctness of the paces. Special attention to the lightness, impulsion, relaxation and roundness,  as the aim is to ride one hand.

The Style Phase

Involves the horse and rider negotiating a number of obstacles that test the attributes of the correct training of horse and rider. All obstacles are numbered in order of execution, with markers indicating the start and finish of each obstacle.

The Speed Phase

Consists of the same obstacles as the Style phase, although usually over a shortened course.  This phase is judged solely on the time taken to complete the course with time penalties for errors of course. Introductory is usually run with optimum time.

Team Cattle Phase

The cattle phase is a timed event & consists of a team of 4 riders. One rider separates an assigned cow from the herd, to a designated pen. Once the chosen cow is separated from the herd, 1 or more team members may assist in herding the cow into the pen, once there, the next team member separates the 2nd cow. (The cow that has been successfully penned can go back to the herd).

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