The discipline of Working Equitation was created with the objective of promoting the different types of equitation techniques developed in countries that use the horse to work on the farm, with the aim to preserve and perpetuate not only this type of equitation but also the cultural traditions of each country and their horses. Australian National Working Equitation Ltd has adopted these principals from the World Association for Working Equitation and endeavours to uphold these objectives.


It is the mission of Australian National Working Equitation Ltd to promote and develop the discipline throughout Australia; upholding the ideals and the philosophies of classical working dressage and traditional horsemanship, offering a nurturing, caring environment for riders, regardless of choice of breed of horse, tack or attire. Australian National Working Equitation places an emphasis on harmony between horse and rider and the quality of training and riding. Australian National Working Equitation Ltd demands humane, correct and progressive training and conditioning of the horse resulting in physical and mental soundness.

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